MC Alumni Unite against COVID-19

When alumni classes began sharing the ways the COVID-19 pandemic had touched them, it felt like an affirmation of the core values that our Alma Mater had instilled.  Reading through their responses, one felt and saw Compassion, Generosity, Solidarity, and Love in action.  

This outreach to frontline health workers, essential workers, and communities and groups in need offered that spirit of unity with the larger human community.  We are connected, regardless of the isolation brought about by these tragic circumstances --  when one of us is affected, everyone is affected. We also showed that when classes act together, the response is more powerful.

So we asked you — amazing Maryknoll/Miriam alumni — to share your stories with us.  You are our Alumni in the Spotlight!  To shed a light on “Making God’s Love Visible”, the Alumni Engagement Office is opening this new feature on our webpage — MC Alumni Unite against COVID-19 — where your stories will be posted.  We will also create class pages for your articles and photos that will store the memories you create.

We start off with six classes: GS 1984/HS 1988, GS 1990/HS1994, HS 1968, HS 1992 GS 1989/HS 1993, and HS 1996.  We thank the Class Representatives who brought us your stories — Noreen Manzano, Rebie Ramoso, Marite Lavina, Nina Santiago, Carla Yaptinchay, and Meg Lu. We congratulate you and your classmates for the response that we know came from the bottom of your hearts!

There will be more class initiatives that we will be featuring. We ask you to send us your stories, pictures and testimonials so that we can include them in a book that we plan to publish later on. Making God’s Love Visible never ends!

The Alumni Engagement Office

Making God's Love Visible

The Maryknoll spirit of “Making God’s love visible” has never been more apparent as we witnessed Maryknoll/Miriam alumni come together to give care and support to those affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Class Features

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