Nina never let deafness prevent her from achieving her dream of being in the fashion industry. While being a deaf student enrolled in a normal class setting had its challenges, it was in MC that Nina learned to be resilient and accept the kindness of others. Today, Nina shares her talent with the world as a fashion designer who proudly promotes Filipino designs and craftsmanship.


After years of building a successful career in the private sector, Lot is now leading meaningful projects in civil society. From livelihood projects that rehabilitate communities devastated by natural calamities to supporting the nutrition and education of children during the pandemic, Lot demonstrates leadership and compassion in uplifting the lives of the poor.


Food has always been an integral part of Nina’s life. As editor-in-chief of a food magazine and author of several cookbooks - including a revival of her mother’s classic – Nina makes cooking accessible and relevant. Guided by her faith and devotion to Mother Mary, Nina continues her mother’s legacy by bringing joy to the kitchens of more generations of Filipino home cooks.


A true steward of the environment, Billie serves as a Trustee of the award-winning conservation project Masungi Georeserve. Billie’s interests in sustainability and creativity drive her to protect Rizal’s nature and biodiversity through geotourism, making this wildlife sanctuary recognized by top conservation and sustainable tourism organizations around the world.


Jasmin saves lives by teaching and advocating for peace. Lobbying for arms control and nuclear disarmament, speaking at the UN for diplomatic negotiations, and working with various organizations to uphold women’s rights and end gender-based violence are just some of her contributions to peacebuilding. Stirred by her faith and compassion for the oppressed, Jasmin continues to actualize positive change through peace.


There is no greater reward for Teacher Marose than seeing the smiles of her students who discover the joy of learning. Now the Chair of MC’s Early Childhood Education department, Marose and her team pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching to shape future educators from our alma mater.


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