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I aMConnie and I aMCharitable | Alumna in the Spotlight

Connie Del Rosario-Escudero, known onscreen as Connie Sison, graces our TVs almost everyday, bringing relevant news and information via three GMA-7 shows, namely: Unang Hirit, Balitanghali and Pinoy MD, with the occasional Special News Coverage peppering her routine.  Starting June, Connie debuts in her first radio program on health and wellness under DZBB. Serving our nation in her own way as a purveyor of Truth in her 22 years in the Broadcasting Industry (12 and counting with GMA; 10 with ABS CBN and 8 months with Studio 23 and SNN – now ANC), she credits her FORTITUDE and DEDICATION to her elementary years (4th to 6th grade) at Maryknoll College, where she imbibed the values of PERSEVERANCE, KINDNESS and CHARITY.

Maintaining close ties with her MC friends through the years, Connie got wind of the IaMCHS94 fundraising efforts for the Math Lab Endowment as the Homecoming Queens in this year’s grand alumni homecoming, “I aMComing Home”.  A hobbyist painter, she thought of selling glass art clock reprints of her work “Amor Incondicional” (Unconditional Love), generously pledging to donate P70,000 from the proceeds of the sale of 100 of the PERPETUA glass art clocks to the IaMC94 Math Lab Endowment Fund. She immediately set out to find the right suppliers to jumpstart production and, at the time of this article’s publication, there are only about 20 pieces left of these Limited Edition glass clocks.

We got to know more about Connie the painter and the Knoller, and how she is truly #IaMC with her #IaMCharitable ways.

Question: When did you start painting?
Connie:  In 2009. Due to stress, I needed an outlet and bought painting materials. I started with painting abstracts. I experimented with colors.. then textures. Then I started drawing nudes.

Q: Please tell us more about your connection with the “Mother and child” imagery.
C:  Ever since I became a mom, I have just been drawn to it. (Connie is a mother to 3 daughters)

Q: What values did MC impart to you while you were growing up?
C: Perseverance. As a transferee, I remember having to persevere not just to be able to fit in with my group of friends, but also in making sure my grades were at par with MC standards.  Not to mention, I was also at the phase where I was trying to find myself.  Being kind was always at the top of my list.  And luckily for me, MC’s values centered on the good qualities of the Mother of Christ; her faith in the Lord is just awe-inspiring.  To this day, I try to be Christ-like as a woman.  Though it’s never easy, I continue to persevere in having a deeper relationship with our Lord, until I become all that God intends me to be.

Q: How did you get involved in the MCHS94 fundraising efforts?
C: I learned about it from either Rebie (Ramoso) or Leah (Araos-Castillo). I don’t usually sell my paintings because painting is just my hobby. In fact, I feel insecure about selling my artwork because I never had any formal training. It overwhelms me when people appreciate my work, so whenever there are benefit fundraisers, I readily donate so I can make good use of my talents. If there’s anything I can do in my own small way to help, I do it as part of my commitment to God.

Q: What other charities/advocacies are you involved in?
C: I am currently working with Vision Help International Care, an NGO that houses abandoned children in Morong and Antipolo, Rizal. We also undertake feeding programs, dental and medical missions in Tondo from time to time. My husband and I also help send kids to school through World Vision. I also support the different programs to help build schools via the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

I look back on my life and I know none of my blessings came from my own effort but only by God’s grace.  I will always be grateful to our Lord for leading me in every situation in my life.  As a way of giving back for all my blessings, I try to support different organizations that I can help in my own little way.

It is truly remarkable to note that the three years Connie spent within the halls of our alma mater have influenced her deeply and greatly, multiplying tenfold in years of witnessing Christ. With Mama Mary as her role model in having unwavering faith in God, remaining steadfast and striving to be Christ-like always, her endeavors on and off-cam are noteworthy and continue to make our Blessed Mother proud.

Charitable. Compassionate. Complete. Capable. These are just some of the attributes that others “C” (see) in a Knoller. In recognition of this myriad of Core Values that unite Maryknoll and Miriam alumnae into one character imprint, this year’s Silver Jubilarians (MCHS 94) have chosen “IaMC” to be the central theme for this year’s Grand Alumni Homecoming.

Succinct and all-encompassing, “IaMC” is a dynamic tribute to all of us who were lovingly honed by our alma mater to be our best version of ourselves. On September 7, 2019, all roads lead to the Marian Auditorium because #IaMComingHome to where we all started. Come home with us. Come home to MC.