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Business Mirror features alumna Kiara San Luis as the newest lead singer of OPM band Imago

MC Alumna Kiara San Luis is living her dream as Imago’s newest lead vocalist.

From posting videos of herself singing and playing acoustic music, MC alumna Kiara San Luis is now the frontwoman of the band known for OPM hits like “Akap” and “Sundo.”

Business Mirror published a feature on Kiara, saying that she initially felt nervous because of the very big shoes she had to fill. Being chosen as the lead vocalist after OPM greats Aia de Leon and Mayumi Gomez brought on the pressure.

“One of my favorite Imago songs is ‘Akap’ (from the second album, Take 2), and I asked the members what it meant but Tim, Zach, and Myrene said that it means something different to everyone so try not to worry about it and interpret it on my own. So I sing it the way I can but with a lot of respect for what Aia brought into the song,” says Kiara in the article.

The original Imago members advised her to “be herself” and not imitate the former leads. The band clearly saw something in her – Kiara was already tapped early on by Imago to be their lead vocalist while she was still finishing her Communication Arts degree in MC.

Now, Kiara can give her own flavor to the band’s newest single, “Pag-Ibig na Walang Balik”. The Business Mirror article sings praises for Kiara’s talent. “Kiara brings power in her vocal range that belies her small frame. She’s like The Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler or Sixpence None the Richer’s Leigh Nash—tiny dynamite with a winsome nature and amping up on the perky factor.”

We definitely can’t wait to see more of what Kiara brings to the local music scene. The world is your stage, Kiara! Shine bright!


Read Business Mirror’s feature here: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/07/28/bringing-the-sunshine-kiara-san-luis-on-living-her-music-dream-with-imago/