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Alumna and COVID frontliner Dr. Joanna Florendo (GS ‘89, HS ‘93) featured by TLC Southeast Asia

"...though I was scared of the virus, I was even more concerned for the safety our staff, whom we consider our second family." 

Medical professionals are putting their lives on the line every day to battle the Coronavirus outbreak. Among them is our alumna, Dr. Joanna “Jowi” Florendo (GS 1989, HS 1993), who serves the country as one of its courageous frontliners. She is an anesthesiologist and junior administrator at their family-owned Mary Chiles Hospital.

Jowi was recently featured by TLC Southeast Asia’s #iamTLC special series, which puts the spotlight on our modern day medical heroes. Congratulations Jowi, and thank you for the immeasurable sacrifices you have made for the country. Miriam College is proud of you!

Read her full feature here: https://www.facebook.com/124354724279940/posts/2862262123822506/?d=n

Photo credits: TLC Southeast Asia