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Stellar Alumni share valuable insights during AEO’s Alumni Employers FGD

How have Maryknoll/Miriam College graduates fared in the world of work?  This was the question we posed to an impressive line-up of MC alumni change makers and industry leaders in the first focus group discussion held virtually on June 26 and 29 by the Alumni Engagement Office.

MC finds itself at the crossroads of change. As the school navigates its way in dynamic and constantly shifting work environment, the AEO decided to turn to the wisdom and expertise of our alumni. “As both industry leaders and graduates of the school, they provide a richer perspective on how our graduates, as products of a Miriam education and molded by the school’s core values, have performed in the workplace,” says AEO Director Aurorita Mendoza. She adds, “They can also provide key advice on what to expect in the future of work, and how MC can better prepare itself.”

It was a treat to have a stellar group of multi-generational alumni from the fields of Foreign Service, Banking, Finance, Education, Market Research, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Media and Broadcasting, Advertising, Media Production, Entrepreneurship, BPO and Retail in two sessions hosted by the AEO last June 26 and 29.

Facilitated by fellow alumna Marie Mossesgeld Chua, the FGD became a lively discussion covering several topics: the participants’ assessment of MC graduates in terms of their competency, values and work ethic; the current and future state of their respective industries; and their recommendations on how Miriam can continue to produce graduates who will flourish in relevant and meaningful jobs that will be available to them in the future.

A notable and common observation of MC graduates engaged across the various work sectors was their ability to relate and collaborate with diverse groups, regardless of level.  This flexibility makes them valuable team members with the skill to deliver on their responsibilities.

There was consensus among the participants that two crucial areas are digital literacy and data analytics that will be required to succeed in future jobs.  They urged all academic programs to integrate these two skills areas into their curricula.

Results of these FGDs will be shared with the academic programs to help align their offerings more realistically with industry expectations.

The AEO thanks all the participants for sharing their valuable time to heed the call of their alma mater. Miriam College will surely benefit from their wisdom and expertise as it boldly moves forward in this changing paradigm of education and work.