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On July 2, the school formally convened the Truth and Justice Committee (TJC), an independent body that will review and resolve cases that were tweeted and sent through the safespace email. Reform agenda was also initiated on July 5 with the creation of the Institutional Committee on Ethics and Protocols (ICEP) tasked to review,  refine and strengthen existing policies, programs, practices and processes related to sexual harassment. 

To fully engage the stakeholders of the school in its reform agenda, a series of Town Hall Meetings (THM) were conducted among students, faculty, employees, and administrators from July 6 to 26. Another THM is scheduled with parent representatives on September 16. The Alumni Engagement Office has sought input, received recommendations, and opened a dedicated Viber group for alumni to openly share their views. THMs strongly suggested the creation of pathways to encourage students to report incidents of faculty misconduct through accessible and guaranteed confidential mechanisms with  clear protocols/guidelines on handling student concerns and reports of sexual harassment consistent  with the government's Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Safe Space Act and Child Protection Law.  

These consultations were accompanied by awareness-raising initiatives on sexual harassment-related laws. The ICEP initiated a series of “Legal Talks on Safe Spaces” attended by faculty, administrators, professionals, and administrative support staff. These sessions were conducted on August 18, 25, 24, 28, 31. The last session will be on September 14. Initiatives to strengthen a culture of child protection are also underway beginning with talks on “Child Protection" scheduled on September 26, 2020. 

All the above steps and activities were initiated by the President’s Council and the Crisis Management Committee with support from BEU administrators.