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Our work was our prayer: ALAY MULA SA PUSO ng Maryknoll College Class ’73

Maryknoll College Class 1973 came together in solidary to support communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a touching account of how the ladies of College Class 1973 reached out to families from communities in Sierra Madre, Novaliches, Malabon and Bulacan to give them much needed support in these challenging times. The class also raised funds for the Maryknoll nuns in Ossining affected by the virus.

Thank you for inspiring us with your generosity, College 1973! The Maryknoll spirit of generosity and selflessness truly lives on. 

The following text was shared by Peachy Bunag, Maryknoll College 1973:

Our work was our prayer:  ALAY MULA SA PUSO NG Maryknoll College Class ’73

We glean the fields, gathering food from the edges of the field...for You desired that no one would go hungry…

We shared the dream of Kagawad Dr. TJ Malvar of Barangay Calawis, the most remote upland community at the foot of the Sierra Madres, to feed families with empty bellies shaken by the COVID 19 crisis.  Locally under-funded, this undeterred Ateneo alumnus and nephew of Annie Malvar-Molina of MC Class ‘73, sought out kind souls and generous hearts to make real a PUSO KITCHEN for seniors, malnourished, breast-feeding and pregnant mothers.  Dreaming along with him, MC ’73 raised P100T.

And continued to work and pray:

Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace, give us faith so we’ll be safe.”

An appeal was made by the MC Alumni Association through Fely de los Angeles Bunoan, to help raise funds for the Covid 19 infected nuns of the Maryknoll Motherhouse in Ossining, New York. The unexpected appeal for help was met with prayers and generosity by the MC College Class ’73.

The enthused class raised $6,200, which was way above the initial target of $1,000.

And continue to still do so:

We pray You be our eyes, help us to be wise.  Remind us where we are, we pray we find Your light…”

There was another call for help:  to feed the hungry children and families affected by this pandemic, especially in the unreachable waterside areas of Novaliches, Malabon and Bulacan where the poorest of the poor live. Volunteers from Andrews Fund, a group formed by Fr Tito Caluag, reached out to Amor Baldovino who then rallied the MC Class ’73 to once again share their blessings!

Kindness overflowed and the amount raised of almost P175K provided for 5-kilo bags of rice to 770 families. This meant feeding over 3,500 persons and providing them with nourishment good enough for one week. Hot meals were also sent to 500 families.

All fund raising activities were received with overwhelming response and the corresponding remittances/deposits came in, almost simultaneously. An affirmation that the Maryknoll College Class of 1973’s deep-rooted spirit of sharing lives on!!

“In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.”




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