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Alumni in the Spotlight: Mitzi Nicole Angeles (GS 2012, HS 2016, COL 2020)

Together with her batchmates, Mapagkawanggawa Awardee Mitzi Angeles launched "Para Po!: Para sa mga Tsuper" - a project which raised more than P360K for the benefit of displaced jeepney drivers during the pandemic. Read on to learn more about Mitzi's project and her Miriam inspirations. 


What career or life accomplishment makes you most proud?

I am proud of what my friends and I did during the pandemic. The 7 of us were all graduates of MCGS 2012 AND MCHS 2016, while I, together with another friend were also from COL 2020. We launched a project called "Para Po!: Para sa mga Tsuper" to help the jeepney drivers who were greatly affected by the pandemic all over Metro Manila.

A lot of people contributed for the success of the project. We received monetary donations as well as in kind donations from individuals, local businesses and also fan bases. After 3 months of running the project, we were able to collect a total of 360,784.37 pesos and we were able to give food packs to a total of 1,246 drivers.


To what would you attribute your achievement?

Since I was young, I was taught by my parents to always be selfless. My parents would make me join outreach activities with them as early as 4 years old. As I grew up, I was still able to practice this as I became part of various church organizations who helps the youth, less fortunate people, and those who were affected by different calamities. With all these being said, I think it was a natural response for me to say yes to my friends when we talked about launching this project.

I would also attribute this project to what MC has taught me over the years. I was taught to be charitable, selfless, generous, loving, and above all, humble.


In what ways did your Maryknoll/Miriam education impact your life and profession?

It was challenging for us to bring this project all together because of the limitations due to the pandemic, but as a student of Miriam College for 13 years, I think one of the things that I truly learned during my stay is to never give up when obstacles come my way.

When I come to think of it, I think being able to always see MMJ's 11 Ideals of an MC Student posted in our classroom every year helped me absorb these characteristics. What I love among all of those Ideals are "Heroic Generosity" and "Selflessness". These ideals tells me to give and never expect anything in return. It tells me to share whatever I have; big or small, tangible or not, abundant or few.

Just like what I did in this project, though I can only donate a small amount of money to our project, I made sure to give my time and effort to contribute to its success.


Can you share a memorable experience during your years in Maryknoll/MiriamCollege?

The most memorable experience I had in MC were the opportunities that they opened for me when I became a delegate of various programs.

In 2017, when I became a delegate of the Mutual Understanding Program in South Korea, I learned how to be with people with different culture. I was able to build my understanding of how similar people can be despite the diversity in culture and religion.

In 2018, as a delegate of the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Thailand, I was able to help in building a school in a less fortunate community in the province of Thailand. I was able to talk with some of the students and teachers there while we repainted the walls of the school. Through this, I was able to understand more about diversity and education which is really helpful to my profession as a teacher now.

Lastly in 2019, as a delegate of the Ignacio Gimenez Leadership Conference, this is when I was able to empathize with my fellow leaders and their different advocacies. This is also where I found out my mission in life which is to serve and be a woman leader of my generation.


What advice would you give our students who wish to pursue the same path?

I would like to tell them to do what makes their heart happy and satisfied. Do not be afraid of the challenges
for a solution will always come along the way.

The bumps, curves and even a detour is part of the journey, but as long as your goal is clear, you will always
find a way to arrive to your destination. Learn to trust whoever you are with, but also, learn to trust yourself
that as an empowered woman leader, you are bound to achieve greater heights.





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