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Alumni in the Spotlight: Arlyn Fausto (GS 1979, HS 1983)

Talent Acquisition has given Arlyn a unique and strategic voice in her company by finding key talent and leadership that is integral in sustaining her organization. Her passion and advocacy for 19 years, Arlyn’s career has been a fulfilling experience – not just for herself, but for all the lives she has helped change for the better.


Briefly describe your areas of expertise or advocacies. How long have you been doing these?

I have been in Talent Acquisition for the past 19 years of my career. I guess you can fairly say that due to the amount of time I have dedicated and the vastness of my experience in this field, this area has become my expertise. Many people may think that this role basically entails filling vacant positions in a company. Over time, this role has evolved into a very strategic position to find key talent, be it specialized skills, leaders and even future executives for a company. It is an ongoing, cyclical approach that focuses on long-term human resources planning and searching for the best candidates that match positions requiring a very specific skillset. It has become a very integral part in sustaining the lifeblood of any organization.


Among your interests, which one has been your driving force?

I believe Talent Acquisition has not only been an interest of mine but a passion and an advocacy. It is also very rewarding to be a part of any person’s career journey and success. This career impacts and changes lives in very positive ways. And as such, this brings a sense of fulfillment for me and has become my driving force in pursuing and continuing a career in this field.


To what would you attribute your achievement/s?

A career in Talent Acquisition is not always a bed of roses. It also comes with a host of challenges. But to be successful, I can attribute my success to three qualities that I would like to believe has helped me persevere and achieve – DISCERNMENT, DISCIPLINE and DILIGENCE.


On a personal level, I do not think that I would reach the peak of my career if not for the love, understanding and utmost support of my husband who gave me the confidence and strength to be able to balance a professional career whilst being a wife and a mother to our two sons.


In what ways did your Maryknoll/Miriam education impact your life and profession?

The Maryknoll/Miriam education has had tremendous impact on my life and profession in many profound ways. I spent 13 years of my life (from nursery to high school) in this esteemed institution and these were my formative years. Its well-rounded education program ensured that I gain a high sense of spirituality, learning agility, communication skills, confidence and values to make me better equipped to handle greater responsibilities in the future.


Can you share a memorable experience during your years in Maryknoll/Miriam College?

I recall the time when I entered high school and the Club I chose was Maryknoll Hardcourt (cheerleaders). It had been several years past when Maryknoll last won first place in the GALs (Girls Athletic League) Cheerleading Competition. I remember that we were all motivated to win that champion’s trophy and bring Maryknoll its glory back. The team practiced very long and grueling hours after school each day. And yes, finally, we won!


What career or life accomplishment makes you most proud?

I will always be proud of my career in Talent Acquisition as I have been a part of and a witness to the life-changing moments of many people whose careers have transformed their lives for the better. This not only brings pride but also fulfillment. But on a personal level, I am most proud of the family my husband and I have. Together, we have raised two honorable, respectable, God-fearing and successful young men who are doing great in their respective careers and personal lives as well.


What advice would you give our students who wish to pursue the same path?

Considering a career in Recruiting or Talent Acquisition brings about many rewards and opportunities for those who can excel in this field. It can provide high remuneration and strong financial incentives, faster progression opportunities where high performers can advance more quickly into senior leadership roles, a broad scope for development where your employers will invest in your training like coaching and mentoring and the exposure to different people and businesses that accelerates learning. Recruiting also means experiencing a variety of work. No two days are ever the same. Having a certain degree of autonomy and flexibility, you could be out and about meeting clients and candidates, negotiating contracts, attending events, interviewing, or closing important deals or partnerships on any given day. 


But not everyone can thrive as a Recruiter. You need to be able to work independently, have a high level of confidence and possess strong communication and influencing skills. You will need to be driven, be flexible and resilient.


The job can be challenging at times but it brings about immense job satisfaction – when you successfully find a person a new career and at the same time help a company grow.


In today’s global expansion of industries, there is a high demand for talented recruiters and there are a lot of attractive roles available for the right graduates.


In one sentence, how would you describe a Maryknoll/Miriam graduate?

A Maryknoll/Miriam graduate has  "the world as her oyster", equipped with the balance of having a soft and nurturing side while at the same time being able to demonstrate the strength and resiliency to speak her mind.