Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

  • Address : Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights Quezon City 1108 Philippines

  • Email Us : info@mc.edu.ph

  • Call Us : (+63 02) 8 930-MCQC (6272)

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Advisories and Bulletins

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact your unit offices through the directory at the bottom of the webpage.

Institutional and Basic Education News


Tuition Payment Information

Tuition and other fees are accepted at the following venues:

  • BPI Bills Payment
  • BDO Bills Payment
  • Credit Card Payments

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

BPI accepts over-the-counter cash and check bills payments. Online payments are also accepted if enrolled in https://online.bpi.com.ph or BPI mobile app.

Account Number: BPI CA# 3081-1112-42

Merchant / Biller Name:

  • Miriam College Foundation, Inc.
  • Miriam College-QC or MCQC

Reference Number: Student ID No. or Bank Reference No. (located at the upper middle right portion of the Registration Assessment Form)

Planholder’s Name: Student’s Name

Learn how you can enroll and pay using the BPI Mobile App >


After payment:

Email a clear copy of the validated deposit slip or confirmation email/page with the subject heading PURPOSE OF PAYMENT_NAME OF STUDENT to:

Banco de Oro (BDO)

BDO accepts online and over-the-counter bills payment. Deposit Referencing (over the counter) is also accepted.

Please use the following information:

Account Number: BDO SA#003570-0072-05
Account Name: Miriam College Foundation, Inc./ Miriam College Foundation Inc,-QC
Subscriber's Name: Student’s Name
Subscriber's Account Number: Student ID No. or Bank Reference No. (located at the upper middle right portion of the Registration Assessment Form)

Learn how you can enroll and pay using the BDO mobile app >


After payment:

Email a clear copy of the validated deposit slip or confirmation email/page with the subject heading PURPOSE OF PAYMENT_NAME OF STUDENT to:

The school accepts BPI, BDO, and METROBANK credit card payments.

If you wish to avail of this payment method, please send an email to mctreasury@mc.edu.ph with the subject heading CREDIT CARD_NAME OF STUDENT for  the scheduling of your appointment at the Cashier’s Office.

BEU Registrar's Office

For enrollment procedure concerns, you may contact the Registrar's Office through the following:

  • Email beuregistrar@mc.edu.ph 
  • Trunkline  8930-6272 local 3212, 3113 (9AM - 4PM, Tue-Thu)
  • Location  St. Joseph Building, High School Unit (visit is by appointment)

Treasury / Cashier's Office

For payment procedure concerns, you may contact Treasury through the following:

  • Email mctreasury@mc.edu.ph
  • Mobile +63966 237 5288
  • Trunkline 
    8930-6272 local 3188
    (9AM - 4PM, Tue-Thu)
  • Location
    St. Joseph Bldg, High School Unit (visit is by appointment)

Accounting Office

For balance and rate of fees inquiries, you may contact the Accounting Office through the following:

  • Email mcaccounting@mc.edu.ph
  • Trunkline 
    8 930-MCQC local 1141
    (9AM - 4PM, Tue-Thu)
  • Location
    1F Caritas Building (visit is by appointment)

Need Assistance?

Please be informed that the trunk line and its local numbers are only available during onsite office operations from Tuesday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. However, offices may be reached via email and mobile numbers from Monday to Friday.

Application to Academic Units

For applications to our various units, including the postgraduate program, contact the Admissions Office:

Basic Education Unit

Mobile: +63927 439 1239 (only available to take calls)
Email: beu@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC local (CSC) 3321, (Lower School/Middle School) 3212, (High School) 3314
Application Procedure and Requirements: www.mc.edu.ph/basiced/admissions

Miriam College Nuvali

Mobile: +63916 338 4085, +63917 678 6268, +63939 929 4461
Telephone: (+63 49) 576-0987
Email: mcnadmissions@mc.edu.ph
Website: www.mc.edu.ph/nuvali

Higher Education Unit

Email: coll-admissions@mc.edu.ph
Mobile: +63921 929 6409
Landline: (+632) 8 930-MCQC local 8240
Undergraduate Program Webpage: www.mc.edu.ph/undergrad
Graduate Program Webpage: www.mc.edu.ph/graduate

Enrollment & Fees

For enrollment procedure concerns, please email the Basic Education Unit Registrar's Office >

  • Email: beuregistrar@mc.edu.ph
  • Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3114 or 3212

For balance inquiry and rate of fees, contact the Accounting Office:

  • Email: mcaccounting@mc.edu.ph
  • Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC loc 1141 (onsite schedule only)

For inquiries regarding payment of fees, contact the Cashier's Office:

  • Email: mctreasury@mc.edu.ph
  • Mobile: 0966 237 5288
  • Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC loc 1180 (onsite schedule only)
Request for access to grades or school documents

To inquire on how to acquire access to grades or request for a copy of official school documents, email the Basic Education Unit Registrar's Office >

Office visit is by appointment. Please send an email to request for a schedule.

Child Study Center Office

For academic or student affairs concerns for preschool level, contact the Child Study Center

Email: csc@mc.edu.ph
Trunkline: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3321
Direct Line: (+632) 3435-9235 


Lower School (Grade 1-5)

During the lockdown period, please email the BEU Office at mc_ms@mc.edu.ph and the unit principal at ndelosreyes@mc.edu.ph.

For academic concerns, please contact the Lower School Academic Affairs Office: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3222

For co-curricula, extra-curricular, clubs, and other student affairs concerns, please contact the Student Affairs Office: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3227

Middle School (Grade 6-8)

To set an appointment for online counseling, email mcms.guidancecenter@mc.edu.ph.

For academic concerns for Grades 6-8, contact the Academic Affairs Office
(+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3221

For co-curricular, extracurricular, clubs, and other student affairs concerns, contact the Student Affairs Office: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3226

For other Middle School or Grades 6-8 concerns, email mc_ms@mc.edu.ph.

High School (Grades 9-12)

To set an appointment for online counseling, email mchsguidance@mc.edu.ph.

For academic concerns, please contact the High School Academic Affairs Office: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3122

For co-curricula, extra-curricular, clubs, and other student affairs concerns, please contact the Student Affairs Office: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3127 or 8273

For other High School or Grade 9-12, email the HS Principal at nroman@mc.edu.ph.

Learning Centers

Ballet Center

For over 20 years, the Ballet Center has been training classical performing artists. Our graduates have been accepted into prestigious ballet companies such as the UP Filipiniana, Ballet Philippines and the Philippine Ballet Theater. Our programs are managed and taught by the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet.

Website: https://www.mc.edu.ph/ballet-center
Email: finance@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 1145

Language Learning Center (LLC)

The LLC offers relevant and quality language programs to both male and female, local and international, young and adult learners. Language lessons and activities are designed for beginner to advanced learners to ensure maximum involvement inside and outside the classroom.

Website: https://www.mc.edu.ph/llc
Email: llc@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 1190 and 1191

Music Center

In 1954, then Maryknoll President Miriam Thomas Thornton granted Ms. Gregoria Cayco permission to teach piano at the school which was then still located along Pennsylvania St. (now Leon Guinto) in Manila. From that initial offering, the school has expanded its music lessons in scope and size and today includes a variety of other musical instruments and voice instruction.

Website: https://www.mc.edu.ph/music-center
Email: musiccenter@mc.edu.ph
Phone: (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 3580

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