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HEU students perform in Lysistrata ng Bakwit

Graduating Child Development and Education student Therese Joy Bayoneta and third year Communication...


Attendance & Student Load

Load, assessments, attendance, tardiness, overcuts

Career and Employment

Job fairs and internship


Requesting for copy of TOR, diploma, certificates

Enrollment & Registration

Enrollment, registration, and adding or dropping of subjects

Examination and Grading

Special exams, grading system, computation of QP


Residence Hall, off-campus dormitories

Use and Photography of Facilities

Photography or filming on campus, reservation of facilities, promotion of events

Student Care and Wellness

Clinic services, recreation, fitness, guidance and counseling

Technology and IT Help

Accessing campus network



Alumni Homecoming

08 Sep, 2018 — 08 Sep, 2018   

College Day

07 Sep, 2018 — 07 Sep, 2018   

National Heroes Day

27 Aug, 2018 — 27 Aug, 2018   
Event summary
Holiday. No classes. Offices are closed.

Ninoy Aquino Day

21 Aug, 2018 — 21 Aug, 2018   
Event summary
Holiday. No classes. Offices are closed.

Start of 1st semester

07 Aug, 2018 — 07 Aug, 2018   

Onsite Registration

31 Jul, 2018 — 31 Jul, 2018   
Event summary
For late enrollees, transferees, cross-enrollees, employee's dependents

Onsite Registration: 1st year students

30 Jul, 2018 — 30 Jul, 2018   

Onsite Registration: Irregular & Graduate students

28 Jul, 2018 — 28 Jul, 2018   

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