Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

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Examination & Grading


Midterm and final examinations are given for each semester. Students are required to obtain clearance on the dates designated by the Registrar’s office for each examination period.

Special Final Examinations

Special Final Examinations may be of two types:

  1. Late examinations given only in cases of illness.
  2. Early examinations given only to students who have a CQPA of 3.00 and in cases where the instructor approves the request.

Forms for special examinations are available at the College Dean’s Office. Since early or late examinations are considered special examinations, they are subject to fees.

Grading and Reporting

Grading System

Grading at Miriam College is a unique numerical system based on the principle of quality of work done rather than on average percentage points acquired. The analysis of quality of performance takes into consideration the following:

  1. Mastery of subject matter as evidenced by exams, recitations, etc.;
  2. Promptness and good quality of assignments;
  3. Positive attitude towards learning;
  4. Participation in class work;
  5. Clear and effective written or oral expression;
  6. Ability to reason and analyse; and
  7. Other criteria that the teacher may choose to emphasize for his/her specific subject at the start of the semester

The final grade ordinarily consists of one-third (1/3) of examination work and two thirds (2/3) of class standing.

  • Grading System
  • Legend
  • Descriptive Grades

5.0 (99–100) Outstanding
4.5 (96–98) Excellent
4.0 (93–95) Very Good
3.5 (90–92) Above Average
3.0 (87–89) Average
2.5 (84–86) Below Average
2.0 (81–83) Fair
1.5 (78–80) Fair
1.0 (75–77) Poor

P – Passed
F – Failed
NE – Never Entered
W – Withdraw from the Course
FA – Failure due to Absences
INC – Incomplete
Note: INC grades must be completed on the deadline specified by the Registrar’s Office or the grade automatically becomes an “F”.

The grading system also introduces descriptive grades for courses that do not carry quality points.

Ex – Excellent
VG – Very Good
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
FS – Fairly Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory

Computation of Quality Points

Only grades in courses taken at Miriam College shall be included in the computation of the cumulative QPA. Except for E Plus, E-100, M-100, MC-101, MC-102, and NSTP-2.1, all grades obtained in academic courses are included in the computation of the semestral and cumulative QPA for as long as such grades have been obtained at Miriam College, regardless of the course under which they were obtained and whether they were credited to the current degree program or not.

The semestral Quality Point Average (QPA) refers to the weighted average of grades in all academic courses taken in a given semester, whereas the cumulative QPA refers to the weighted average of grades in all academic courses from the first semester in which the student was enrolled up to the last semester.

A grade, except for “F” or “FA”, is at the same time the quality point of each unit of subject required for graduation. The Quality Point Average (QPA) whether for the semester or Cumulative Quality Point Average (CQPA) from first year is computed as follows:


Where ΣQP = sum of QP (quality points) = (Grade per subject X Units per subject) ΣU / total number of units

Summer grades are included in the computation of the CQPA for the current school year and not for the succeeding school year. A student who enrolled in summer classes will be re-evaluated for retention after the summer grades have been inputted into her CQPA.

Reporting of Students' Performance

After the midterms, the Registrar’s Office sends D-warning letters to the parents of students who obtained low academic performance in the subject/s (with grades of 2.0 and below, including Failure (F), Failure Due to Absences (FA), and Never Entered (NE)) as assessed by their teacher/s.

At the end of each semester, the Registrar’s Office sends the students’ Semestral Report, which includes the student’s grades in each of the currently enrolled subjects, her QPA, and CQPA for the semester.

Students who are cleared of entry, property and financial accountabilities are allowed electronic access of their semestral grades on the schedule set by the Registrar’s Office.

Policy Pertaining to INC Grades
  1. An INC grade must be completed within a period of one semester after it was incurred (counting starts from the end of the term) for undergraduate students. However, this does not apply to courses taken abroad under student exchange programs and international internship. Graduate students have one school year to complete their INC grade. The exact date of the deadline for completion will be announced by the Registrar’s Office.
  2. If the subject is a prerequisite to a subject to be taken the following semester, the deadline for students to complete the INC mark is on the first day of the enrollment for the following semester/term. Faculty should encode the grade at least two days before the last day of the enrollment.
  3. A student who obtains an INC mark at the end of the semester and whose CQPA is below the minimum retention grade required of her year level must complete her INC mark at least a week before the start of the enrollment for the following semester/term. Non completion may cause the student to be put on probation (deloaded) for the following semester or to be sent out if previously on probation.
  4. An INC which is not completed within the deadline set will automatically become F.
  5. If the student incurs an INC mark in subjects requiring the completion of a thesis, special problem report, feasibility study/ strama, or special research, the student should enroll in thesis direction (if she still has other subjects to take) or residency (if she has no more subjects to take) in the next semester for her to complete her requirements. Failure to do so will disqualify her from passing the subject.
    The deadline for the faculty to encode the grade is on the deadline of the submission of students’ grades in that semester (for the second semester, it is on the deadline of the submission of the grades of graduating students). Students must re-enroll the subject if they fail to complete the INC mark within the deadline.
  6. INC grade is included in the computation of the CQPA and has a numerical value of zero (0).
  7. The INC grade, once completed, will not appear in the Transcript of Records.

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