Iverly Viar

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As an officer of Pax Christi Miriam College, working with the Center for Peace Education gave us more platform and opportunities to advance our advocacy work. I can say that this is very prominent in instances wherein Pax Christi Miriam College would partner with the center in lobbying and mobilization activities on issues such as arms control particularly on having a gender-responsive arms trade treaty. These activities gave me, and the members of our organization opportunities to be involved in the discussions and contribute directly to local and global peace issues in small but meaningful ways. Personally, I learned a lot through this experience as this gave me more context to connect to the academic discourse inside the classroom. Furthermore, I learned how to interact and communicate the peace advocacy to various audiences; whether it will be legislators, government officials, fellow students or the general public.

Iverly Viar
Miriam College AB International Studies Class of 2013

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