Ricka Padolina

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I learned a lot from the workshop especially about peace and about the situation of our sisters and brothers in Mindanao, especially Rajah Muda students. I was surprised to realize that it is hard for the Rajah Muda students to stay in their area because of the threat of war in their barrio. Sometimes, also, they are not able to go to their school because of floods. 
I was surprised to hear that they, too, are active in promoting peace by having similar activities like the Mindanao Week of Peace. If we have Lugawan in Miriam, they have Guinatan para sa Mindanao. 

In the workshop, I learned the following: First, peace is something that should start from inside us. Second, it is fun and enriching to make friends with people of another culture and language. Lastly, I should always be thankful for the simple blessings I receive every day.

Ricka Padolina
Stiudent, Miriam College High School

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