Summer training for teachers on peace education

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"To reach peace, teach peace."

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is doing the rounds starting this summer to train teachers on peace education. On May 8, CPE shared capacities on the whole-school approach to educating for peace with around 80 basic education teachers from Region 4. The training held in Tagaytay City was organized by CEAP Region 4.

On May 15, CPE trained roughly 80 senior high school teachers of the Centro Escolar University on Creating a Peaceable School. Teachers were trained on skills to address bullying as well as on resolving conflicts constructively.

On May 19, CPE, upon the invitation of MC Growth, Upgrading, Resource Office, trained about 40 child development workers from Malabon on how to integrate peace education in their classes.On May 23, CPE, upon the invitation of APNIEVE, trained about 50 teachers from various schools in Pampanga on the whole-school approach to peace education.  On May 23-24, upon the invitation of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, CPE Associate Mei Lamorena trained young people from the Visayan Region on Peacebuilding. The training, which carried the theme "Angat Kabataan", was held in Cebu City.

On 25 May 2018, the Center for Peace Education (CPE) conducted a training on Creating a Peaceable School to 50 faculty members of Miriam College Nuvali. During the training, which was conducted by CPE Project Officer Sophia Dianne Garcia, the concept of peace, threats to peace and how these can be addressed were discussed with the participants. Garcia emphasized that teachers play a vital role in building a culture of peace in the school.

CPE shares Miriam College's inspiration, knowledge, and experience with groups within and outside the institution to build a network of people promoting a culture of peace.

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