CPE releases "From Breakdown to Breakthrough" vlog series

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CPE releases "From Breakdown to Breakthrough" vlog series

Many are probably feeling anxious and vulnerable as we enter deeper into the pandemic. We may wonder how others are coping and if people share the same feelings of insecurity and helplessness as we are on an enhanced community quarantine. 

The Center for Peace Education offers an online resource created by our very own MC faculty and alumni in the fields of Family Studies, Psychology and Communication. “From Breakdown to Breakthrough” is a series of vlogs that offers deep insights and practical tips on building resilience in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s Episode 1: 

Episode 1: “Work-life Balance during the Enhanced Community Quarantine”

Dr. Maria Margarita A. Acosta, Ph.D. (Col‘86, CFS’09) shares her reflections on balancing multiple roles, as she adapts to the new normal. 

She uses creativity in securing her needs and that of her home team, while establishing a daily routine that includes time for spiritual expression.

You may visit and subscribe to the MC Department of Family Studies YouTube Channel or visit the CPE Families for Peace web page to view the whole collection of vlogs.

If you find the vlogs helpful, do share it with your family and friends so that they, too, may build on inner peace and strength to rise above this health crisis. Together let us build Families for Peace.

We wish to thank heartily Dr. Gail Galang, CPE Associate Director & Family Studies Chairperson, who initiated this effort, ably supported by Gilbeys Sardea of CAS and Sophia Dianne Garcia of CPE & CAS as well as Dean Marge Acosta and all the MC resource persons who will be featured in the coming sessions.

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