Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

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Environmental Planning

This program is anchored on the twin objectives of environmental sustainability and sound socio-economic growth. Urban planning courses provide you with present-day planning software technologies, covering Geographic Information System, urban and rural spatial development, environmental hazards and site vulnerability assessment, and Computer-Aided Design Techniques.

Why take up EP at MC?

In addition to its strong curriculum and expert faculty members this program offers several key advantages:

  • Exposes student to air and water pollution analysis as an input to environmental impact assessments for development-oriented but environmentally critical projects
  • Equips students with technical knowledge on environmental quality standards and environmental cost accounting needed in assisting corporate entities to be compliant with local and environmental regulations while maintaining productivity and viability
  • Equips students with the necessary attitudes and skills that make them truly a steward of God’s creation through the curriculum, administration, campus practices, research and outreach practice; Miriam College is a Dark Green School and is a winner of the 2013 Search for Sustainable and Ecofriendly Schools

What Will I Study?

Here are some of the topics and courses you will take:

This course introduces you to the basic concepts and human settlements growth and development. It will enable you to paint in broad strokes the practice of urban and regional planning in the Philippine context.
This course prepares you to utilize the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in visualizing and analyzing spatial patterns and processes. You will be trained to generate thematic and analytical maps and geo-tagged information for use of diverse audience in various settings.
This course prepares you for the principles of sustainable building architecture that can be integrated site planning, building design and construction, and building operations and management.
This course enables you to utilize ecological and environmental science principles to understand and manage natural ecosystems such as forests, coastal areas and rivers.
This course prepares you for future conduct of procedures of the Environmental Impacts Assessment System so that proposed development projects will not be destructive to the environment and instead be beneficial to the communities and the local economy.
This course introduces you to the sources of pollution as well as various control technologies. You will be provided with hands-on application of air quality and water quality sampling methods. You will use analysis techniques following local and international guidelines and standards.
This course will enable you to use AutoCAD and Sketch-UP software as a tool in data collection, mapping and site development. The software will enable you to visualize and generate images for presentations and analysis needed in urban planning.
This course provides you with the skills and techniques in site planning analysis for residential, commercial, industrial and other land uses. You will also acquire knowledge on the standards and requirements of government on utilities and infrastructures for environmental considerations.
  • Total Program Units: 177
  • Major Courses: 51
    Electives: 69
    Practicum: 12
    Physical Education: 8
    NSTP: 8
    MC Courses: 28

  • Standard Completion Time: 4 years

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This program has Level IV accreditation from the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU). More Information >

Masters in Environmental Planning

Your BS in Environmental Planning degree from Miriam College will allow you to enroll one more year to obtain a Masters in Environmental Planning (4+1 program). This will prepare you better for the Licensure Exam for Environmental Planners.

In your 5th year, you will take up a comprehensive exam and 18 units of the following courses:

  • Environmental Planning Processes, Tools and Techniques
  • Environmental Plan Implementation
  • Settlement and Estate Planning
  • Protected Area Management
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Environmental Economics

Career Paths


Career options include professions such as:

  • Environmental planners
  • Pollution control officers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Academician and researchers
  • Government personnel
  • Real Estate developers
  • Environmental advocates
  • Development workers






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