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Miriam College Students shine in the global round of the World Scholar's Cup | Philippine Daily Inquirer

The largest World Scholar's Cup to date, the prestigious academic competition had a total of more than 3,600 participants. The delegation bested 1,200 teams from more than 370 schools from all over the world, including prominent schools from known academic giants Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and India.

The Miriam College delegation garnered a mind-bending total of 222 medals in the team and individual events: 61 Gold Individual medals, 84 Silver Individual medals, 57 Gold Team medals, 20 Silver Team medals, and seven trophies.

The World Scholar's Cup is comprised of four events: Scholar's Challenge, a rigorous exam which tests individual learning across several subjects Literature, Social Studies, History, Science and Technology, Music and Arts and a Special Area. Other events included Debate, Collaborative Writing and the Scholar's Bowl.

The theme for this year's competition was "An Unlikely World." Learning and engagement is encouraged using a nontraditional format with debates conducted and essays written to explore complex questions such as, "What moonshots do you think will succeed in the next decade? Exploring the idea of "big data" and its relationship to prediction, why might "big data" be described as the comeback of correlation over causation? When is it acceptable for a government to hide facts from the public? Do we have a moral responsibility to expose conspiracies? Are what we consider to be religions simply the mythologies that won?"

The teams from Miriam College have qualified and will be participating in the ultimate World Scholar's Cup Event, the Tournament of Champions. This will be held in November this year at Yale University. Like their school mascot, Maria Katipunera, these bright Miriam College girls are truly blazing a trail for their fellow Filipinas and are well on
their way to making a difference as responsive global citizens.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
14 August 2017
Lifestyle Section, Page C2


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