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Miriam College, Goldsmiths in UK partner for dual graduate degree program in designing education

Miriam College, Goldsmiths in UK partner for dual graduate degree program in designing education

Miriam College joins nine other higher education institutions in offering  disciplines that are currently not available in the country through a  collaborative transnational education (TNE) program developed by the British Council and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Miriam is the only college among a roster of universities selected for this UK-CHED linkage.

Under the TNE program, Miriam College has partnered with Goldsmiths University of London for the first transnational dual award graduate degree
program called Master of Arts in Designing Education or MADE.

It has a requisite Philippine-based Postgraduate Certificate in Designing Education or PGCDE that will be taken up at Miriam College.

MADE is the Philippines' first teacher education program that focuses on the interaction of design and education.

The venture is anchored on Goldsmiths expertise in fusing design and education and on Miriam College's 91 years of expertise in the area of education as well as on its recognition as a CHED-designated Center of
Excellence in Teacher Education.

"The premise of MADE is to cultivate a culture of design thinking among teacher education institutions (TEIs) that will directly influence the culture
of thinking and doing in schools and, ultimately, in Philippine society," according to Miriam College President Dr. Rosario O. Lapus.

For inquiries and admissions, please email mcibanez@mc.edu.ph or call 5805400 loc. 1265.

Published in print by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on March 5, 2018, Lifestyle Section, page C2


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