Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

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Starting Healthy from the Inside

Geared towards holistic wellness, the ILAW Center achieved another breakthrough in promoting wellness by raising consciousness about healthy food and partnering with Manna, a healthy restaurant.

Manna serves healthy meals made from all natural and fresh local ingredients. Their mantra says, “building wellness rather than treating disease.” They provide their customers with only the highest quality of food, drinks and other products. Their shelves contain mostly local products that are carefully picked to offer a wide variety of excellent goods to their customers. With a heart of nationalism, Manna is committed to help the local workers/farmers and support local companies that have the same vision as theirs.

Manna’s menu shows ingredients used, calorie content, and the weight of the serving per meal. Their cold-pressed juices are labelled according to their nutrient content (e.g. the detox – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant). This information allows customers to look more closely on what they eat and drink and to give their bodies what they need.

After a month from its opening, Manna serves a number of customers – MC teachers, staff, administrators, students, and visitors. Customers don’t mind the long walk to ILAW Center just to grab something extra healthy for the day. They love the ambiance and nice set-up of the place. The prices are budget-friendly, amount of serving is adequate, and the quality of food is good.

Do you want to live a hale and hearty life? It’s never too late. Start eating and drinking healthy, take care of yourself, and create healthy habits. Visit the ILAW Center and Café Manna now! Café Manna is open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM, Mondays to Fridays.


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