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Post Ulysses Adjustments: Academic Work and Academic Calendar

Post Ulysses Adjustments: Academic Work and Academic Calendar

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Staff,

For the past five days since Typhoon Ulysses wreaked its havoc on the National Capital Region, we have been monitoring the situation of the members of our MC community.  

Here are some information that we wish to share with everybody as “we are one body in Christ” looking after one another’s welfare, and leaving no one behind:

  1. Soon after Ulysses left the country, Miriam College immediately opened its Residence Hall to students, employees, alumni, and their families affected by the Typhoon.
  2. Forty-six members of our faculty and staff experienced heavy flooding inside their homes necessitating cleaning assistance.  The institution deployed janitors to assist them free of charge in cleaning up the debris and mud in their homes for two to three days. The janitors’ services are covered by donations from the Board of Trustees and the administrators. Food for the janitors was provided by the Miriam Identity, Spirituality and Mission Office (MISMO). This step was taken in lieu of volunteers so as to give our janitors extra income when work is suspended at MC and to spare our own non-academic and academic personnel from additional tasks.
  3. A number of employees and students from across units were affected by heavy flooding and found themselves and their families unable to prepare meals or to access food provisions. The school’s caterer, Lettered L, delivered donated food to these employees and students and their families who reside within reasonable reach.
  4. The Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam also raised funds for students in the HEU affected by the storm. Volunteer-administrators bought and packed grocery items for the families of affected students. These were distributed to the affected families last weekend.
  5. The Lower School PTC has initiated a donation drive for the benefit of co-parents affected by the storm. Other parents quietly reached out to fellow parents who were reported to be affected by the typhoon, extending material help and words of comfort and peace. This Parents-to-Parents caring is Christ’s Love in action. It is a lesson that all Knollers are lucky to witness in their homes.
  6. We continue to receive reports from those who still cannot resume regular work, so the Human Resources (HR) Department of the school has granted force majeure leaves to allow these persons to go on extended leaves.
  7. The school, through MISMO, continues to raise funds for the victims of Rolly in Bicol, and now, of Ulysses in Quezon City, Marikina, Montalban, and San Mateo. Calls for donations were issued separately a day after each of the typhoons hit land.
  8. The school, through HR, has also requested counselors from the Integrated Lifestyle and Wellness (ILAW) Center to reach out to our personnel who may have experienced trauma during the Ulysses event.
  9. Counselors are also on stand-by for any request from students and parents.
  10. We were informed that there remain unstable internet connections among students and further cleaning tasks to be done among a few members of the community. So as not to create further stress on those who may feel pressured by the resumption of classes,the MC Administrators have agreed to extend class suspension for the Loyola Heights campus only until this Friday, November 20. MC Nuvali will resume classes as initially announced. 
  11. As the school does not want to sacrifice the academic program for this extended classes’ suspension that will total eight class days, the academic calendar for the month of December will be adjusted for make-up classes. The Christmas break will be postponed to December 19, i.e. classes will be held up to December 18. The BEU units will have their make-up classes on December 17 and 18, and on April 19 to 21. For any queries, please get additional information from the VP for Academic Affairs, the BEU Director or any academic supervisor. 
  12. We also wish to request every member of the MC Community for understanding in future disruptive events. We know that the present reality of uncertainties, vulnerability, and complexities, will be part of the new normal, and the administration has to make nimble adjustments where needed in every disruption.  

May we be reminded by God’s promise to have faith in Him: Do not be afraid for I am with you. Do not be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you

We are grateful to you all—as the Lord uses us as His instruments and works with the MC Community in taking care of his beloved children. 





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