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IS conducts a workshop on mindfulness - Cultivating a Deep Learning Mindset

IS conducts a workshop on mindfulness - Cultivating a Deep Learning Mindset

The graduate class on Creative and Transformative Leadership of the Department of International Studies conducted a webinar on “Cultivating a Deep Learning Mindset: Workshop on Mindfulness” on April April 22, 2021 via google meet.

The workshop was facilitated by Joji Balcita, who has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost two decades. Joji took the participants of the workshop on a meditative journey. They experienced the technics of savasana (bringing awareness to inner and outer sensations of the body), breath and thought awareness (while seated in the lotus position), movement meditation (walking and standing to release excess energy) and focusing on the void (to help focus and concentrate by sitting with yourself in silence).

In lessons of mindfulness, we learn to control the mind and the body, as well as listen to them to better understand and relate to those that take place around you and within you. It is an act of anchoring your mind to the present, regaining balance and composure when you are caught off guard by emotions, being able to acknowledge it, and being able to let it pass. A deep learning mindset entails letting yourself be absorbed and overcome by the experience of the reality of the here and now.

This workshop is particularly important to transformative leaders. They need to connect and listen to their bodies — not just their physical beings, but the environment and those around them. Amidst a complex and changing world, we ground ourselves, we connect, we listen, and let either the silence or the pulsation speaks to us — and that is when and where we may begin to move, act wholly, and approach transformation holistically.

The workshop was followed by sharing of thoughts and insights. Students recounted feelings of relaxation, and an inflow of energy that exuded calmness, making them more attuned with their bodies. As Joji emphasized, “we are not just solely minds, but also bodies.

This online activity is part of the students’ learning module on Leadership in a complex, changing, chaotic world: Deep Learning under the mentorship of Ms. Lorna Q. Israel. It was hosted by students who are also being trained in the art of hosting.  -- By: Danielle Rose Mañalac


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