Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

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Unveiling Truth and Social Responsibility in These Times

Unveiling Truth and Social Responsibility in These Times


Dear Members of the MC Community,

Asst. Sec. Celine Pialago of the National Task Force on to End Local Communists Armed Conflict or ELCAC claimed that when she was a student at Miriam College, “joining rallies was a class requirement.” 

Our response is to clarify what Miriam College education is all about, and in the process we take the opportunity to inform our students, alumni, faculty, other administrators, parents, and friends about our new logo and what it stands for and how it guides Miriam College in its educational objectives.

Thank you very much for keeping faith in the Maryknoll mission.






As Miriam College prepares for its 100th anniversary and for the rest of the 21st century, its logo will be redesigned to re-enforce and re-affirm what it stands for.

The new logo will emphasize the motto: Veritas or Truth. Since its founding in 1926, Miriam College has emphasized going beyond course requirements in search of Truth as the primary goal of education. Veritas is more than facts, and the word Truth or Veritas is capitalized to signify its transcendence. In pursuing Truth in their academic work, MC students are also taught to apply what they learn by working for peace, social and economic justice, gender equality, and the preservation of the integrity of creation.

Committed to Truth, the Maryknoll sisters and the lay leaders who came after them, have encouraged MC students – within the framework of academic freedom and the freedom to choose and act according to one’s conscience – to use their intellectual discernment in assessing what is taught them and what is required of them, to analyze situations, and to work with others in using knowledge to address local, national, and global issues that threaten human rights, justice, and well-being.

Miriam College students are not cookie-cutter academic products given the various opportunities offered to study the body politic. Empowered to participate in political affairs and various development programs and not to remain bystanders nor fence-sitters, they become engaged citizens committed to building a just and peaceful society.

And in being trained to respect opposite choices taken by others, MC students also learn to appreciate dissent as part of a healthy democracy while being reminded to act in loving charity, regardless of differences, by Christ’s symbol, the Chi Rho in the center of the logo. Miriam College hopes that its graduates will remain engaged in important issues, wherever they are, and will always be guided by a constant North Star called Veritas.


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