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Miriam College Students Gain Insight into Ukrainian Conflict at U.S. Embassy Film Viewing

On March 14, 2024, a group of International Studies and Global Affairs and Diplomacy students gathered at the U.S. Embassy for a poignant film viewing session. The featured documentary, "20 Days in Mariupol," shed light on the harrowing realities of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

The film, which won an Oscar, offered a firsthand account from Ukrainian journalists who bravely documented their experiences amidst the conflict. It vividly portrayed the devastation in Mariupol, revealing the tragic loss of innocent lives and the destruction of homes caused by the Russian Federation's aggression.

As the audience watched, they were deeply moved by the raw emotions captured on screen. Tears were shed as they confronted the harsh truth of the situation. One Ukrainian journalist's words resonated deeply: "It is painful to watch; but it is meant to be painful." Through the documentary, the attendees gained a deeper understanding of the severity of the war beyond what mainstream media often portrays.

Of particular concern was the absence of influential figures and leaders in addressing the crisis. The denial and dismissal of the Ukrainian journalists' reports by Russian authorities highlighted the challenges faced in bringing attention to the plight of Ukrainian civilians. Diplomats and ambassadors were accused of labeling the journalists as liars, further exacerbating the suffering of those affected by the conflict.

Moved by their experience, the International Studies students expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine, recognizing the need to amplify their voices and advocate for their rights. They emphasized the importance of providing a platform for freedom of expression and urged the international community to take action in support of Ukraine.

Reflecting on their time at the U.S. Embassy, the students described the experience as both enlightening and impactful. They expressed a desire for further engagement with the embassy and hoped to facilitate future collaborations between Miriam College and the embassy.

The film viewing session served as a powerful reminder of the human cost of war and the urgent need for global solidarity in addressing conflicts such as the one unfolding in Ukraine.



By: Samantha Louise Yoingco



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