Cooking and Baking



Children will be able to explore the culinary world. Lessons will focus on fundamental concepts in cooking and application of basic culinary skills. Children will be able to use kitchen tools, measure and combine ingredients, and cook using basic kitchen equipment. They will also be able to work together in a group setting, develop their taste for new and exciting flavors, and get their creativity and imaginations working.

Age Group: 8-11
Course Fee: Php 5,500 inclusive of materials
Inclusive Dates: April 25 - May 9, 2019
Number of Sessions: 10
Schedule: 8-10 AM



Bake and Share – Baking and learning activities shared with any member of the family or friend.

Age Group: 6 and above
Course Fee: Php 5,500, includes materials

Inclusive Dates: April 22-29, 2019
Number of Sessions: 6
Schedule: 9AM - 12NN, weekdays