• Empowering Women and Girls!
  • Promoting a culture of non-sexist learning
    gender equality, and non-discrimination!
  • Strengthening young women’s
    leadership formation!


The Women and Gender Institute (WAGI) is Miriam College’s specialized center for research, training, and advocacy on women’s rights, gender equality and non-sexist learning in support of the leadership of young women and students.

WAGI is a Filipino word, which means “win” in English. The term epitomizes the long term objective of the Women and Gender Institute, which is to achieve women’s empowerment and gender equality in society as this will, in the end, result in a win-win situation for both women and men.



Ramada Jose

Ramada Jose was one of the thousands of people who were displaced during the Zamboanga siege that destroyed more than 10,000 homes in 2013. Until now, she is living with the IDPs (internally displaced...

Kerma Hji Abdulla

Kerma Hji Abdulla, one of the participants of the Political Participation Training conducted by WAGI, won the recently concluded local elections held on May 2016. She won as councilor in the Municipal...

Kaleena Santillan

I had a hard time settling into the college buzz since it was my first time to shift schools. A few months after I stepped into another chapter of my life, I also found another home. WAGI has shaped m...

Jjam Silvestre

WAGI treat their volunteers as a family.  I always feel comfortable and at home with them. They are a big part of and a positive influence in my life. I gained valuable knowledge and experience from b...

Camille Sta. Maria

WAGI has enabled me to become a strong and independent woman (no matter how cliché it sounds). Because of this organization, I learned how important it is to pursue my advocacy - for women's rights; a...


We conduct the following programs in Miriam College and in various education,
non-profit, government, and private institutions.

Our Programs


  • International Women’s Human Rights and Governance Program

    We provide consulting, research and training on women’s human rights and women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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  • Gender Fair Education Program

    This program integrates the perspectives, values, and strategies related to the mainstreaming of women’s rights and messages of gender equality and equity in educational institutions.

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  • Gender, Peace and Security Program

    This program seeks to highlight the gender dimensions of war, militarism, conflict, and peace and security.

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  • Gender, Development, and Economic Globalization Program

    This program generates information and analyses from feminist perspectives on trade, finance, international cooperation/aid, and economic globalization processes.

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  • Young Women Leadership Program

    This program aims to enhance the political participation of young women through leadership training focused on gender, human rights, and governance issues.

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  • Migration Research and Training Program

    This program makes a critical study and analysis of contemporary migration issues in the context of globalization and transnational processes.

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Our world needs more women leaders and leaders for women. We need you!


We hold an Gender and Development courses every year from June to July. You may also hire us for training in your organization.

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Students and professionals are welcome to join our cause. Help share our campaigns on social media, join our campaigns, or help in our research.

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We welcome the opportunity to join forces with organizations around the world and work towards our goal of a gender inclusive society.

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Meet the members of WAGI





    Women and Gender Institute, Miriam College
    ASD Complex, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

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    +63 2 930-MCQC (6272) local 3590

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